Road rage on the rise

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British motorists are losing their cool behind the wheel like never before, according to new police figures, which show a staggering 59 per cent increase in aggressive motoring incidents, the Press Association reports.

Ever-increasing traffic levels and the fluctuating cost of motoring have contributed to greater levels of stress for drivers. The situation is now so bad that 37 per cent of drivers have reported being involved in some form of road rage argument, with around a fifth (19 per cent) saying they've come to blows with another motorist.

Data obtained by the Press Association from 15 of the UK's police forces shows that incidents of road rage are increasing year on year, with a total of 1331 altercations recorded between 2012 and 2014. However, that number is likely to be an underestimation given that not all road rage incidents are recorded as such, and are often described as aggressive driving or 'driving in a panic'.

Surprisingly, given their bias towards stress-free driving, it is Volvo drivers who are most likely to see red, with nearly a quarter of owners describing themselves as angry people. Unsurprisingly, it is the owners of the same vehicles that have been in the most road rage situations, with more than a third (37 per cent) admitting to getting into physical conflicts with fellow drivers.

In geographical terms, you're most likely to be experience road rage if you live in the North East, the West Midlands or London.

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