Reverse April Fools' joke sees woman win brand new BMW

BMW April Fools stunt
YouTube / BMW NZ

April Fools may be over for another year, but one person who won't be forgetting April 1 2015 for a while is New Zealander Tianna Green, after she responded to an advert on the front of the New Zealand Herald.

BMW New Zealand posted an advert on the front of the paper offering a free brand new car to the first reader to turn up at the dealership with their old car in an April Fools' day stunt. All potential winners had to do was arrive with their old vehicle and ask for "Tom".

Despite the worry that this could be nothing but an elaborate joke, Tianna Green arrived at the dealership at 5:30am with her tired 15-year-old Nissan and was hailed as the winner by "Tom", who promptly pulled a cover off one of the cars in the showroom to reveal her new car – a BMW 1 Series worth around 50,000 New Zealand dollars (£25,220).

Leaving her old car at the garage, Tianna then drove home in the brand new BMW. See her amazement as she is handed a new car in the video below.