Volvo introduces LifePaint for cyclists

Volvo LifePaint
Volvo LifePaint/YouTube

Swedish carmaker Volvo has long had an enviable reputation for safety. Its vehicles are slathered in the latest in collision detection and mitigation technology, helping drivers survive unavoidable crashes. The brand has even made the pledge to cut the number of people killed or seriously injured in one of its cars to zero by the year 2020.

However, there's only so much that in-car safety technology can do to slash the number of deaths and serious injuries on the road, so to make its wider vision a reality, Volvo has released a new type of safety device, this time aimed at cyclists.

Called LifePaint, it is a unique reflective safety spray designed to make cyclists more visible to other traffic during the dangerous night-time hours when more collisions occur.

While invisible to the naked eye, LifePaint shines brightly in the light of a car's headlamps, giving cyclists an ethereal glow that's sure to get them noticed.

Check it out in the video below. One thing's for certain: it's definitely more fashionable than a neon yellow hi-vis vest.