Toyota makes Jeremy Clarkson tribute video

Jeremy Clarkson Toyota tribute
YouTube / Toyota UK

A certain Mr Clarkson has been in the news recently after a northern punch up, which has seen him canned from record-breaking motoring TV show Top Gear.

While the star's BBC appearances may now be numbered, Toyota has immortalised the TV personality in a compilation of his most entertaining moments behind the wheel of the Japanese brand's cars.

Chosen for this best of Clarkson video are the long-legged presenter's extensive attempts to destroy an old Hilux pickup, his arctic antics behind the wheel of a modern 2007 Hilux en route to the North Pole, and him thrashing a pair of Auris hatchbacks across New Zealand in a race against a boat.

Sports cars also feature amongst the clips with Clarkson raving about the GT86's drifting abilities, and a look back to 1994 when he took to the driving seat of the then-new Celica coupe.

Check out some of Jeremy's best moments in the video below.