Video: Nissan GT-R accelerates fast enough to rip off window net

World record Nissan GT-R
YouTube / lucasenglish

The 'standard' Nissan GT-R has to be one of the fastest machines on Earth, with it smashing past the 62mph mark in a ludicrously rapid 2.7 seconds.

However, that is clearly not fast enough for some people, including the driver in this clip, whose steroidal tuned GT-R tears up the drag strip at 189mph – just 7.49 seconds after setting off.

The sheer violence of this machine is glaringly obvious when you spot just how much of a head start the GT-R pilot gives his competitor before setting off in hot pursuit.

Despite the delayed start, this rocketship powers past its rival Nissan as if it were parked up. Suffice it to say, the sheer force of this launch rips off the window netting in the GT-R, as well as firing the driver's phone backwards at speed.

Now imagine what those g-forces must have done to his internal organs. Ouch!