Wooden go kart good for 25mph and can be built in a few hours

PlyFly go kart

Taking a leaf out of Morgan's book – the only car company that continues to think that wood is the best material to build a car from – FlatWorks has just created its own petrol-powered go kart – made of MDF.

The company has also stolen some inspiration from Ikea, shipping its flat pack PlyFly GoKarts in three boxes, giving buyers the challenge of putting together their kart before hitting the road. Like many of Ikea's creations, the PlyFly Go Kart is intended to be as simple as possible to construct, with buyers needing only basic tools, allowing them "to accomplish amazing builds in a short time."

FlatWorks' four-wheeled creation is available in two forms – 2.5hp and 4hp, with both powered by a Honda 'clone' engine. With their weight of just 56kg – less than a typical adult – even the lower-powered version can sprint to 17mph, while the 4hp model can hit 25mph – more than enough in a machine made from MDF, we think.

With disc brakes and foam-filled tyres though, this machine is more sophisticated than you might give it credit for. Helping to cater for selfie moments, the karts even have a smartphone mount behind the wheel, while an adjustable seat boosts comfort levels and means that this toy isn't just the reserve of seven-year olds.

We're still yet to be convinced on the wisdom of the wood-petrol combo, but the idea of being able to build our own petrol-powered kart in less than five hours sounds pretty appealing. We'll have three, please.

PlyFly Kart

PlyFly Kart