Ford Focus crashes backwards into pensioner's kitchen

Ford Focus crash
Birmingham Mail

A 64-year-old woman has had a narrow escape after walking out of her kitchen shortly before a Ford Focus came crashing through the front wall backwards.

Walsall pensioner Carol Stone had just walked out of the room to send an email when the speeding Ford came slamming through the wall after losing control, wedging itself between her oven and fridge. The severity of the impact left the property structurally unsound and a neighbour quickly rushed around to usher Mrs Stone to safety at 12:30pm yesterday.

Due to the structural damage to the house, Carol and her husband Alan have been forced to move out of the building. Following similar incidents in the past the couple had built walls around their house around 15 years ago, after a car headed straight at the kitchen but was stopped by a tree.

The car had been carrying a 20-year-old driver and a 17-year-old passenger and was believed to have rolled over before coming to a rest in the front of the house. Both driver and passenger were reported to have run from the scene by the Birmingham Mail, though they were later caught by locals and treated by paramedics for minor injuries.

The pensioner's 65-year-old husband, Alan, told the Birmingham Mail: "My wife said she was standing there just 30 seconds before, preparing tea for the evening.

"She put something in the fridge and walked out of the door to send an email when there was a blast."

The Stone's Peugeot people carrier was also badly damaged as the car crashed through their wall. A spokesperson from the West Midlands Police has said: "The property was left structurally unsafe and has been evacuated as a precaution along with an adjoining property."