Beauty queen killed in high-speed crash

Bonnie Hiller
Nicholas Razzell/REX

A former Miss East Anglia winner was killed in a horrific car crash after driving at speeds of up to 120mph.

27-year-old Bonnie Hiller lost control of her convertible Mercedes sports car and hit a bridge support under the A12 bypass near Kelvedon, Essex.

The one-time Miss England hopeful was thrown from the car and died instantly from her injuries.

A crash scene investigator told Essex Coroner's Court that Ms Hiller was travelling at 111mph when she lost control of the vehicle on a bend, The Telegraph reports.

The severity of the impact caused "catastrophic damage", and was enough to tear the seatbelt, resulting in her ejection from the car.

Ms Hiller's family claim that she had driven off at speed following a "monstrous row" with her boyfriend.

Her father Paul told The Telegraph: "People who knew her knew she was a very slow driver - very careful. She had a monstrous row - something made her flip.

"She was a strong character and she was very beautiful - she did not realise how beautiful she was."

The inquest heard that Ms Hiller's car was spotted reaching speeds of up to 90mph through a village with a 30mph speed limit, shortly before coming off the road.

PC Duncan Thurlwell, crash scene investigator for Essex Police, described the scene of the accident to the inquest.

He said: "The driver's seatbelt was still engaged, but had torn with the force of the impact and pressure. The car mounted the footpath.

"The offside struck the pillar and tore the offside off the car. There was catastrophic damage. The engine and gearbox were torn off the vehicle and thrown across the road."

The coroner concluded Ms Hiller died as the result of an accident.