Panic! Lion yanks car door open at safari park

Lion near car
YouTube/Joshua Sutherland

If Jurassic Park taught us anything, it is that doors aren't really much protection from big, dangerous beasts. This family in South Africa could have done with brushing up on their movie trivia before driving into the middle of a pride of lions while on safari.

It starts off jovially enough, with the expected "ooohs" and "aaahs" and half-hearted "yikes!" as one of the big cats approaches the car for a closer look.

However, just as the family is getting used to the carnivorous Leo eying them up, it casually clamps its jaws around the exterior door handle and pulls the door open.Cue panicked screaming as elation turns to horror. Thankfully a quick-witted passenger manages to yank the door shut again before the lion can get any further, and ensures it's actually locked this time.

Check out the footage below. It'll certainly make you think twice about leaving your car doors unlocked.