Idiot Mercedes thief KO's himself with own brick

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe

Karma, it would seem, is not without a sense of humour - as this dopey car thief in the video below found out when he attempted to break into a Mercedes.

Caught on CCTV outside the Pheasant bar in Drogheda, Ireland, the man can be seen slowly approaching the white E-Class Coupe, before nonchalantly throwing a brick at the passenger side window in an attempt to gain access to the cabin.

After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, the man walks around to the other side of the car and gives his throw a bit more welly – sending the brick bouncing off the window and straight back into his face.

The car belonged to Pheasant bar landlord Gerry Brady, who found the thief knocked-out cold beside it.

When he woke up, the thief claimed he had been attacked but did not want to call police. It wasn't until Mr Brady noticed the damage to his car that he checked the camera footage and discovered the true sequence of events.

The would-be car thief was later arrested. Check out his bungling moves in the video below.