Ex-footballer Robbie Savage dodges drive ban as he's 'too hated'

Robbie Savage sighting - Cheshire
Eamonn and James Clarke/Eamonn and James Clarke

Robbie Savage isn't the first footballer to avoid a driving ban after being caught speeding. However, the reason the court let him off without a ban is even more tenuous than normal. The ex-footballer and Match of the Day pundit – who was caught driving at 99mph on the A1 in North Yorkshire last month – has been spared his licence to avoid having to share public transport with football fans who hate him.

The ex-midfielder some have branded 'Mr Marmite' – due to his TV appearances where he offers his opinions on football teams' performance – had been driving along the A1 with his wife, on the way back from an Alan Shearer charity ball, when he was clocked at 99mph.

Following the incident Savage has been handed six points for speeding, which add to the three points already on his licence for using a mobile while driving. He was also fined £600. However, he didn't receive the 28-day driving ban that could have been imposed, after magistrates heard from his lawyer that he was already 'regularly accosted' by members of the public.

The pundit's £230,000 Bentley was described as a 'safe haven' for the 40-year-old former footballer. This was strongly contested by Gary Rae, spokesperson for road safety charity Brake, who told The Sun: "It's an insult to those who have lost loved ones because of speeding drivers.

"Driving at such a dangerous speed hardly makes his luxury car a 'safe haven' for other road users. I suspect Mr Savage will now be even more unpopular."