Sat nav leaves tourists stranded on beach

Vauxhall Zafira marooned on Tenby beach
Athena Pictures/REX

Two American tourists who followed their sat nav instructions to the letter, en route to a small island off the Welsh coast, ended up marooned on a beach in Tenby. The two men from Texas had been hoping to drive to a scenic spot on Caldey Island, without realising that the only way to get onto the island was by ferry.

Venturing onto Tenby beach in Pembrokeshire, south-west Wales, in their Vauxhall Zafira Tourer the pair soon became stuck in the sand, half a mile away from their final destination across the water. The sat nav system had not informed them that they would have to catch a ferry to cross over to Caldey Island, or that boat services only operate over the summer months, reports the Daily Mail.

Spotting the car marooned on the sandy beach, a number of local residents helped to dig the car out before towing it off the beach, ahead of the incoming tide.

Local resident Les Langford, who had given the duo directions, said on Facebook: "They stopped at Penally railway station trying to find the road to Caldey.

"It was on their satnav showing a road from Penally to Caldey. I sent them back to the harbour in Tenby to get to Caldey, but I did not mean by car."

Another person wrote on the Tenby Island Facebook page: "We really must thank these two fellas - for entertainment value alone.

"Three separate attempts to tow out, much digging and three hours later they managed to get back to the safety of the slipway courtesy of a local 4x4."