Killer driver boasts about 'great year'

Sophie Gorton

A young driver who avoided a jail sentence for killing a motorcyclist after showing "extreme remorse" has been criticised by the victim's family after posting pictures and comments of a 'great year' just months later.

Student nurse Sophie Gorton, 21, drove her car into the path of 40-year-old Allan Wellings, as the pair approached a set of traffic lights in opposite directions, in Oldham last year. The father-of-two later died in hospital.

Despite admitting causing death by dangerous driving at Oldham Magistrates' Court, she escaped a prison sentence after convincing magistrates of her remorse. Gorton instead received a 12-month driving ban and was ordered to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work, with the judge commenting that it was unlikely anyone could punish her as much as she would punish herself, the Daily Mail reports.

Unsurprisingly, Mr Wellings' family criticised the verdict, and questioned how genuine Gorton's remorse actually was, particularly as she went on to post a series of 'happy' social media messages.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mr Wellings' widow, Chelsea Gibson, said: "We haven't heard any remorse. She has never apologised to us face to face. How can she say she is remorseful when you look at her Facebook and she's going on about all the fantastic times she has had and 'brilliant' trips to Helsinki and New York.

"How does she think that makes me feel? We have been in bits since Allan's death and yet the magistrates are accepting that she has been remorseful when it appears she's been having a great time since he died."

Gorton also posted pictures of herself celebrating her travel plans with champagne, just weeks after she ploughed her Fiat 500 into Mr Wellings' Honda Fireblade.

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