Video: Biker uses face to flip car

Stunt biker crashes into car
YouTube / Kell zees

Stunt bikers deserve kudos for putting their life on the line for our entertainment with high-octane, death-defying feats. They also, no doubt, warrant a lot of medical attention when these stunts go wrong. Sadly this was the case after a stunt rider performing in a live Movie World Australia show ran out of talent on stage, after successfully pulling off wheelies, jumps and a tail-kick for the cheering crowds.

Said biker, however, ended his show by slamming into the side of a car on two wheels and flipping it onto its roof, after impressing the crowds with a wheelie-stoppie combo. We're not sure whether it's the show's car-eographers (sorry) to blame for this bike-car smash or one of the motorists themselves, but we imagine that this meeting of helmet and car was not part of the show.

Thankfully, the 22-year-old rider escaped the incident with nothing more than facial injuries, while the passengers in the car were uninjured. See exactly what happened for yourself in the video below.

Hat tip to Car Throttle.