Rolls-Royce Paris-Dakar car for sale

Paris Dakar Rolls-Royce

When it comes to unapologetic automotive luxury, you have to have a Rolls-Royce. Choice of captains of industry – including none other than Sir Lord of Sugar, or whatever he's now called – buyers expect Rolls-Royces to be lined with the hides of no fewer than 17 cows and boast carpets deep enough to swallow the bespoke footwear of those lounging in the rear seats.

This Rolls-Royce, however, shifts that luxury focus somewhat, with the kind of tyres you'd expect to see on a hardy off-road spec Land Rover and decals that would be more at home on the side of a retro touring car. And the reason why this 1981 Rolls-Royce Corniche I Coupe has been decked out in such warpaint? The Paris-Dakar rally. Better than this, this machine could be yours for £147,520 (€200,000).

This grueling rally traditionally saw men and their machines race from the French capital to Senegal on the westernmost tip of Africa, with many cars destroyed in the process. This 1981 Roller has just 9,321 miles on the clock and came about after a bet by rally driver Thierry de Montcorge at dinner with friends. The result of more than 2,000 hours of work, the Corniche has a lightweight polyester body, aluminium doors, bonnet and boot and a bespoke chassis, though the wooden dashboard is original.

Helping to give it the muscle and traction to survive the Paris-Dakar, modifications include a four-wheel drive system from a Toyota Land Cruiser, a four-speed manual gearbox in the place of the standard automatic unit and a lusty 5.7-litre Chevrolet V8 motor, which punches out around 350bhp. A 330-litre fuel tank is also fitted behind the front seats, to ensure that the car could sustain itself between fuel stops. Weighing in at a scant-for-a-Rolls-Royce 1,400kg this Corniche was sponsored by Christian Dior, which used it to launch its new fragrance, 'Jules'.

This fully original car is available to buy now from, though for €30,000 more, the builder of the car has offered to fully restore it with new modern axles and bigger brake discs.

Paris-Dakar Rolls-Royce

Paris-Dakar Rolls-Royce