Ford pranks blind daters for Valentine's Day

Ford Mustang prank
YouTube/Ford Today

Whether we'd admit to it or not, there are certain stereotypes that we can't help but evoke when we see a driver in a certain type of car. That middle-aged chap in the Ferrari? Mid-life crisis. Drive a huge SUV? You're clearly compensating for something...

Ford has turned these preconceptions around on a number of unsuspecting men for the ultimate automotive Valentine's Day prank, by inviting them on a blind date with a tall blonde.

And who in their right mind would turn down that kind of offer? Things only get better for the chaps, as after some tediously awkward conversation, they are offered a lift home by the anonymous bombshell.

However, the looks of glee as they first glimpse the lady's scarlet Ford Mustang are replaced with glances of concern, as the woman appears to struggle with the gears, admitting she's not got much experience with manual cars. In typically patronising fashion, one of the chaps even offers to take over driving.

He's soon forced to eat his words though, when the woman turns into an open car park and drives the car as its maker intended. Reaching speeds of over 100mph, and smoking the tyres with some high-speed cornering, she stuns her passengers into silence, before finally revealing she is in fact a professional stunt driver.

Despite the trick, one of the men isn't deterred, proclaiming: "This is like the best first date I've been on in my life."

It's not known whether any of the passengers managed to secure a second date. Check out the action below.