Drunk motorist drove for two miles with missing wheel

Ford Ka

A drink-driver from Solihull was so paralytic she drove for over two miles without noticing one of her wheels had fallen off.

Hairdresser Laura Hewlett-Conway was arrested after being spotted driving erratically by local residents in the late evening of January 23.

Because of the loud screeching noise coming from the 33-year-old's blue Ford Ka, witnesses initially believed she was attempting to drive with a parking clamp attached to the vehicle.

However, when officers traced Hewlett-Conway to her home by following the trail of damaged road surfaces and tyre debris, they discovered the Ka's nearside front wheel was almost completely destroyed.

Hewlett-Conway herself was found stood next to the car, dressed in her pyjamas and unsteady on her feet.

PC Tony Winter, from Solihull Police, told the Birmingham Mail: "The car was making a deafening noise as it scraped its way along the road. One person who called police said they thought the car was dragging a wheel clamp with it.

"It's incredible she managed to drive so far without colliding with other vehicles or causing a serious accident. It was extremely dangerous driving and beggars belief she couldn't have known there was something seriously wrong with the car."

Birmingham Magistrates' Court heard that she initially denied both drink driving and dangerous driving, though later admitted the offences after supplying a roadside breath sample showing her to be over twice the legal drink-drive limit.

While she was spared a prison sentence, Hewlett-Conway was ordered to complete 180 hours of community service and was placed under an 18-month supervision programme. She was also banned from driving for 17 months and will have to sit an extended driving test to get her licence back.