Dog owner fined for letting pooch ride on roof

Dog on roof

A Taiwanese motorist has been fined £500 for allowing his dog to ride on the roof of his SUV.

Su Chen's pooch was spotted by fellow motorists as he made his way around Taipei in his silver Ford Escape.

Despite being spotted by countless drivers as he piloted around the congested city, Mr Chen only got into hot water with the law after the images of his dog straddling the SUV's roof went viral.

Taipei police regularly check websites for signs of illegal activity, and although no complaints had been received, they slapped Chen with the fine.

However, he initially refused to pay, claiming that his dog wouldn't get down and regularly travelled on the roof of the car. He later admitted, though, that he had previously been given a warning about his behaviour by animal protection officers.

According to Yahoo News, Mr Chen said: "I didn't tell it to get on the roof, it is always up there when it knows I am driving anywhere and refuses to get down. And in any case I always drive slowly and we have never had an accident."

The 38-year-old attracted criticism from animal lovers online once the picture spread like wildfire.

Taiwanese national Wu Chang posted: "A dog can't be expected to know how dangerous it is to ride on the roof of the car but a responsible owner would never have allowed it in the first place. This is nothing better than animal abuse."