Lucky cabbie survives stake through windscreen


A taxi driver has narrowly avoided being impaled on a wooden stake, after it was thrown from a bridge and went through his windscreen.

Mohammed Banaris was carrying two passengers along the A5009 in Staffordshire when the 5ft-long stake hit the car.

Luckily, Mr Banaris managed to avoid being struck himself, with the stake coming to rest on his shoulder. Despite being showered in glass, he safely managed to pull his car over and alert the emergency services.

Though badly shaken, none of the car's occupants suffered any injuries.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, 37-year old Mr Banaris, from Stoke-on-Trent, said: "The plank just missed my head, it could have killed me. It had nails sticking out of it too.

"As I went past the bridge, bang, the piece of wood came straight through my windscreen.

"There was a man and woman in the back of the cab and we were all covered in shattered glass.

"Luckily, I was going about 30mph and there was no other traffic around. It was dark though so I didn't see anyone up on the bridge.

"There was a lot of shock. It's extremely lucky no-one was seriously hurt. I've been told a group of youths threw the wooden post."

taxi driver

This isn't the first time objects have been thrown on to the A5009 by pedestrians crossing the road on a raised footbridge. Just days before the incident, another car was damaged by a brick. Local residents are now calling for CCTV to be installed.

Local resident Paul Bate said: "I've lived here since 1985 and this sort of thing goes on.

"About three months ago, I saw a group of teenage girls throwing stones off the bridge, so I shouted at them and they ran off.

"This is the most serious incident of this type in my time here.

"It's tough to police, a lot of young people use the bridge as a shortcut from school, but CCTV cameras might help to catch the culprits."