Dim-witted council workers paint parking space around lamp post

poor parking space

Council workers in Havering, greater London, have been slammed for their incompetence after painting a parking space around a lamp post.

Residents of the greater London borough awoke to find bungling road workers had painted the parking bay on the pavement with the street furniture nearly right in the middle of it, instantly rendering it useless.

Their error was captured by a bemused local resident, who took the picture above.

Retired local resident, Phil Wailing, passed the roadside distraction, on Mashiters Hill in Romford, on Sunday. He told the London Evening Standard: "I was walking my dog round the block and I saw it.

"I walked past it thinking I do not believe that so I walked past it again.

"It was disbelief. They've just done the parking bay around the lamp post.

"I thought: 'great job boys, keep it up'. It really was funny. What can you say - it's just ridiculous."

Havering Council blamed the error on an external contractor. Cabinet member for environment Cllr Robert Benham said: "This is a very silly mistake and I'll be taking this up with our contractor personally - this isn't the first time common-sense has been called into question, there has been a catalogue of errors."