Beckham goes Bond for latest Jag advert

David Beckam
YouTube/Ridgeway Jaguar

David Beckham is known for being a football hero, underwear model, having a surprisingly squeaky voice (but lets not talk about that) and generally an all round who-wouldn't-want-to-be-him superstar.

If you weren't jealous already, in his latest TV commercial Becks becomes a 1950s race car driver, then channels his inner James Bond by cruising around Monaco, all from behind the wheel of some of the most fantastic Jaguars ever built.

The sequence ends with the Beckham leading the entire Jaguar range across Westminster Bridge. How very British.

Unfortunately this advert is only going out in China, where old Golden-balls is brand ambassador for Jaguar. It is hoped that the combination of this global megastar and the ad's manic waving of the Union Jack will increase market penetration in what is now the world's biggest car market.

Thankfully, via the power of YouTube, we in the UK can also enjoy this mix of beautiful scenery, luxury cars, a very sexy man and, luckily, limited acting and speaking.

Click play on the video below to see for yourself.