The worst red-light runners of 2014

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Last year was undoubtedly the year of the dash cam. While they've yet to filter into common use in the UK, elsewhere in the world (yes, Russia) they've been capturing poor driving, near misses and generally hair-raising automotive goings on for some time, with the result being there's now enough footage to scare anyone from turning a wheel in the former Soviet Union ever again.

In fairness, though, it's not just the Russians who seem to struggle with driving safely: in America, running red lights is a problem that is claiming more and more lives every year, and now American Traffic Solutions – the company behind the countless traffic light monitoring cameras that are popping up to curb this behaviour – have released a compilation video, showing just what can happen if you're an amber gambler.

The problem is so severe that 100,000 people are injured by red-light runners in the USA every year, though the proliferation of cameras is seeing huge reductions in the number of collisions in major urban areas.

One look at the video below, though, and you'll think twice about chancing a red light ever again.