Valet parking attendant 'reviews' BMW M4


If you follow our reviews you'll know we at AOL Cars are big fans of the BMW M4 – so much so that we awarded the brand new sports coupe our coveted Car of the Year title back in November. There is no doubt that it's a stunning machine.

And, as with any exciting, high profile car, there are now countless videos online, from both professional outlets and keen amateur bloggers alike, giving their opinion on what is one of the hottest cars of the moment. Some, however, are better than others, as the 'review' below proves.

Using his position as a valet parking attendant, this car enthusiast fixes a camera to the BMW's interior to give his impressions as he manoeuvres it around an underground car park.

The fact that there clearly isn't the room to get a car as capable as the M4 up to speed, isn't a deterrence for the man, who can be seen aggressively accelerating and braking around the car park, with bare concrete pillars creeping wince-inducing-ly close.

If this wasn't bad enough, the attendant's sheer lack of knowledge (it's a straight six, not a V6, for one) is comical, though he does explain exactly what the tachometer is for, in case you were wondering.

Clearly the man's whooping and hollering about the amount of 'M' badges on the car annoyed the folks over at BMW community Bimmer Post, who went on to identify the man, resulting in him being dismissed from his job. Let it be a warning to you if you're contemplating the same – or at least get the facts rights.

Content warning: The video features strong language throughout.