Overzealous parking attendant tickets wheelie bin

ticketed wheelie bin
Mike Jones/Athena Pictures

Local authorities in Carmarthenshire, south west Wales, have launched an investigation after a traffic warden placed a penalty charge notice on a wheelie bin.

Onlookers to the incident described the warden's behaviour as "bizarre" as he affixed the yellow notice to the bin, which had been left on double yellow lines.

Speaking to the BBC, witness Mike Jones said: "It was bizarre - I realised I had just watched a warden give a ticket to a wheelie bin for bad parking.

"It appeared the warden slapped the plastic ticket envelope on the bin in a moment of high jinks after a member of public pointed out it was parked on double yellow lines."

Carmarthenshire council stated that there was no actual penalty notice inside the waterproof yellow wrapper, and that the incident was merely a light-hearted joke. However, the authority also confirmed that it was investigating the warden's behaviour.

Carmarthenshire council traffic and safety manager John McEvoy said: "There was no ticket issued, it is not possible to book a wheelie bin or anything that is not motorised," the BBC reports.

"Although this was meant as a humorous incident, we take this kind of thing very seriously and have launched a formal investigation into the conduct of this officer."

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