How not to drive: Motorist knocks policeman off his bike

Motorists drives into police biker
YouTube / Cycleops70

Rule number one for an easy life on the road is "do not drive like a moron". As for rule number two, that would have to be "do not crash into the police".

One driver in Perth, Australia would most definitely vouch for that. Caught on a dash cam the driver is seen driving closely behind and then knocking over an unmarked cop on his bike at a junction: Not the best start to the day.

The cop does not seem best pleased either, flipping up his visor and slowly approaching the car. We can only imagine the panic felt by the driver when they eventually realised what they'd just done.

The video does not show what punishment the driver faced, but judging by the cop's reaction, a hefty fine seems like a sound bet. Perhaps a safe driving course would be a good idea too.

Take a look at the video below and decide for yourself what you think the cop should do: