75-year-old biker caught doing 82mph in 30 zone

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If you're stuck behind a dawdling, indecisive driver, chances are it's an old person – or so the stereotype goes. But one 75-year-old motorist has completely disproved this theory, by tearing through a 30mph zone at 82mph while test driving a motorbike.

Brian Tyson, a biker from north Wales, had been trying out a Suzuki motorbike last September when he passed through a village with a 30mph speed limit. Coming to the edge of the village – but still within the 30mph zone, Tyson accelerated to an 'astonishing speed', hitting more than 80mph – one the fastest speeds that has been recorded in a 30mph zone, according to magistrates in Flintshire.

Following the incident last year, Tyson from Holywell near Rhyl in north Wales has been banned from driving for 28 days and handed a fine of £610 along with £122 in costs, after admitting one count of speeding and another of riding without insurance. The rider had been piloting bikes since the age of 17 and decided to test out the motorbike's power on the A5026 between the village of Lloc and the A55 near Holywell.

The 75-year-old's family had previously encouraged him to give up motorbiking. Following his ban, the council caretaker has now conceded defeat and will hang up his driving gloves, reports the Daily Mail.

Defending his actions, Tyson's legal representative Andy Holliday said that though the speed was 'quite horrific' the road was not in a residential area and there were no pedestrian walkway, limiting the risk, writes the Daily Mail. The pensioner also kept to the speed limit while within the village and was "surprised by the speed he had managed to achieve in such a short period of time" Holliday claimed.

The motorbike is currently for sale at a garage in Flint.