Stephen Fry's fiancé banned from driving

Stephen Fry and Elliot Spencer

He was completely unknown before announcing his engagement to broadcaster Stephen Fry this week, but now Elliott Spencer is hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons, after being banned from driving.

The 27-year-old was caught speeding at 101mph in a 70mph zone in an Aston Martin DB9 owned by Fry, as the pair made their way to a literary festival last summer.

Cwmbran Magistrates' Court heard that Spencer had exceeded the speed limit after Fry had told him to "get a move on" as they were running late.

Both were present at the south Wales court as Spencer was banned from driving for seven days and ordered to pay a £100 fine and £85 in costs.

Mark Wyeth QC, defending Spencer, said: "Mr Fry, who is Spencer's partner, was due as the new president of the literature festival and was due that afternoon to give his inaugural address. They hit a large backlog of traffic and in a moment of indiscretion Mr Fry suggested to Spencer that he might like to get a move on," the Guardian reports.

"No other drivers were inconvenienced and he eventually did make it by a matter of a few minutes, in time for the festival. Mr Fry assumes all responsibility because it was his decision that made Spencer put his foot down."

Magistrates also heard that Spencer had a clean driving licence, which he had held for five years.

Addressing Spencer, magistrates' chair Phillip Walker said: "You increased your speed because you were late for an important engagement. You face a disqualification but we are persuaded that this can be at the lower end of the scale."