Reckless trucker narrowly avoids disaster

Reckless lorry driver

Whatever your opinion on overtaking traffic on single carriageway roads, there is no doubt that there is a right and a wrong way to do it, as the impatient trucker in this video proves.

Filmed on a motorist's dash cam on the A706 in Scotland, this lorry can be seen overtaking the camera car, though despite his high seating position, the driver seemingly doesn't notice the string of cars rapidly approaching in the opposite direction.

Despite slamming on his brakes, the truck's escape back into his own lane is blocked by another car, leaving little option for the oncoming vehicles other than to take evasive action to avoid a potentially fatal head-on collision.

After nearly causing a massive pile-up, the reckless trucker then simply carries on his way.

Click play below to watch this gob-smacking display of poor judgment, and remember to give yourself plenty of time and space the next time you think about moving over to pass a slower car.