Man has car part removed from body after 51 years

Mr and Mrs Lampitt

An elderly motorist has had an indicator stalk removed from inside his arm – over 50 years after it was embedded there in an accident.

In 1963, estate agent Arthur Lampitt was lucky to survive a head-on collision with a lorry in his Ford Thunderbird. The severity of the impact was such that the Illinois resident was first assumed to be dead, though he was later rescued from the wreckage with a broken hip.

The lacerations suffered by Mr Lampitt to his arm were considered superficial by comparison, meaning the indicator stalk that had found its way in there during the collision went unnoticed.

However, after half a century the errant stalk began causing problems.

"Everything was fine until it started to get bigger. The arm started bulging," Mr Lampitt's wife, Betty, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Thankfully, removing the stalk involved a simple surgical procedure, and Mr Lampitt is expected to make a full recovery.

Dr Timothy Lang, who performed the extraction, explained how the indicator had remained in place for so long as a protective pocket had grown around it.

"We see all kinds of foreign objects like nails or pellets, but usually not this large, usually not a turn signal from a 1963 T-Bird," he said. "Something this large often gets infected."

However, Mr Lampitt isn't quite ready to discard the hitchhiking article just yet, and plans to turn the indicator stalk into a key ring.