Video: Rally cross driver takes on remote control rival

Audi S1 rallcross car takes on S1 remote control car
YouTube / Audi Deutschland

Remote-control cars have gone from being cheap children's toys to rapid – and expensive – high-tech machines, which can give a full-sized car a real run for its money. So what could be better than testing out an Audi remote control car against the real thing?

This video pits an Audi S1 EKS RX driven by rally cross and German touring car star Mattias Ekstrom against a scale remote-control version over a tight course.

And the rival? Two-time German junior radio control car champion Micha Widmaier, piloting a miniature S1 car. You may think such a heavily-tuned 560bhp rally cross spec S1 would have no trouble dispatching its small rival.

However, the RC car tears out of the blocks like a greyhound and cuts corners in a way the full-size model just can't match, ducking under obstacles and gripping where the rally car is sliding. With a camera on the front relaying footage back to the young remote control car champion, the S1 mini-me just beats its bigger brother to the finish line.

Take a look for yourself in the video below.

With thanks to Car Throttle.