Gorgeous 700bhp classic BMW race car up for sale

BMW 2002 race car for sale
Facebook / SmokeHunters

Drifting-hungry car buyers with £16,500 to spend could bag themselves a Caterham Seven 160 – provided, that is, they have the requisite spanner skills to put the thing together. Or they could consider this; a 1973 BMW 2002...with 691bhp.

This Corvette-monstering BMW not only packs more power than the upcoming top-of-the-range Corvette ZO6, but it weighs in at around 400kg lighter too; the rear tyres don't stand a chance.

The heavy-duty sliding machine boast a heavily fettled turbocharged motor and substantially uprated suspension, with parts from newer BMW and Porsches crammed under its bulging skin.

Classic BMW 2002 up for sale

Classic BMW 2002 up for sale

As a result, this little BMW can compete with the big boys when it comes to the world of big slides and lots of smoke. See for yourself in the own video below. And it's also up for sale for a mere 21,000 euros (£16,500). Sounds like a bargain to us.

Take a look for yourself at the Facebook advert and watch the machine in action in the video below.