New Corvette driven straight from showroom to be tuned

Corvette C7 ZO6 driven straight to be modified
YouTube / ThatRacingChannel

When you buy a brand new car, nearly all manufacturers recommend that you take it easy over the first thousand miles or so – to give the car a chance to bed in. This is even more important if you've bought a highly-strung sports car – a Corvette, for instance.

One Corvette owner though, decided to perform a burnout just minutes after picking the machine up. Not content with giving their Corvette C7 ZO6 a tough time from the off, Vengeance Racing took this to the extreme after posting another video of their car being modified, with them attempting to boost the car's already very healthy horsepower count.

Starting off at a mere 579bhp Vengeance managed to push the total up to around 651bhp at the wheels. If you're not too horsepower savvy, take it from us – that's enough. See and hear the 6.2-litre supercharged V8 beast being put through its paces in the video below.