Turkish driver finds cat wedged in engine

Cat trapped in Turkish car engine

Many motorists aren't the most handy under the bonnet should their car refuse to start in the morning. However, most of us would notice if there was a cat sitting in the middle of the engine. That's exactly what happened to one man in the Turkish city of Van, who was startled to find a moggie in his motor.

However, far from sprinting from its hiding place when uncovered, the cat was lodged in the heart of the engine. Motorist Nurullab Kurman was unable to free the animal and had to resort to calling the fire and rescue service in an attempt to coax the cat from the warm hidey-hole. But even they struggled to free the feline, forcing the driver to have the engine dismantled in a garage.

Eventually released, the stray cat was taken to vets for treatment to a broken leg and now a charity is seeking a new home for it. Kurman only discovered the cat after realising that his car wasn't driving as he expected on the way to the shops, reports the Daily Mail.

Cat trapped in car engine

The 40-year-old told Turkish media: "I opened up the bonnet and realised that there was a cat inside, which was interfering with the mechanism. I tried to get it out but failed, and so I called the fire service to see if they could get it free."

Emergency crews tried several methods to get the cat out, including pouring cold water on it, but as none of these worked, fire crews resorted to towing the car to a garage, where mechanics spent two hours dismantling the vehicle, leaving Mr Kurman with a £50 bill.

Kurman added: "I hope the cat gets well soon, and next time stays away from car engines however warm and inviting they may seem at first."