Elderly New Zealand couple trapped in car for 13 hours

Elderly couple trapped in Mazda

A Kiwi couple were trapped inside their car after forgetting the remote key and believing that they couldn't unlock the vehicle manually. Mollieanne and Brian Smith spent 13 hours in their Mazda 3 and almost suffocated as they had used up most of the air in the car, reports the Daily Mail.

The elderly pair had to be rescued from the locked car "close to death", as they thought that it was only possible to unlock the car using the remote key, which they didn't have with them. During the near-13 hours they spent trapped in the car – which was parked in their garage in Alexandra on New Zealand's South Island – the couple sounded the horn and attempted, unsuccessfully, to smash the windows using a car jack.

They were trapped for so long as they had been led to believe by the car salesperson that the only way to unlock the car was by using the car remote. However, had they pressed a simple button by the door handle they would have been free, the Otago Daily Times reports.

The couple had to wait until around 7:45am the following day to be freed, when neighbours found them and called for an ambulance. By this stage Mrs Smith was unconscious and Mr Smith was having difficulty breathing. Following the ordeal, Mrs Smith spent three days in hospital recovering, the Daily Mail writes.

Talking to the Otago Daily Times Mr Smith described himself as "very methodical" but claimed that he couldn't work out how to open the doors: "Once I found out how simple it was to unlock it I kicked myself that I did not find the way out,' he told the Otago paper.

"I had this mind-set that I did not have the transponder (so I could not get out)."