Toyota Yaris cars host two births on consecutive days

Mother gives birth in Toyota Yaris

Expectant mothers may hope for a calm trip to hospital with plenty of time to spare, but two women recently gave birth in Toyota Yaris superminis, as the families couldn't make it to hospital in time.

Darcey Ryan's introduction to the world happened after a normal start to the morning, one day in October; Staffordshire father Daniel Ryan had set off early for work as a postman, while expectant Heather was preparing her five-year-old son Finley for school. However, as the morning went on, Heather started experiencing contractions - five weeks early.

With the birth coming sooner than expected, Finley's grandmother rushed around to look after him, while Daniel was able to dash away from work to help with this very different type of delivery. Rush hour traffic, though, meant that progress to the hospital was extremely slow – and Darcey wasn't going to wait.

Mother gives birth inside Toyota Yaris

Thanks to an growing audience of commuters and builders, this birth proved a little more dramatic than expected. Though Darcey's sudden arrival may have taken the Ryans by surprise, Kent couple Sashi and Anisha Saru knew the exact day that their son was to be born. What they didn't expect though, was just how quickly Nathan would arrive.

Anisha's contractions rapidly became more frequent, forcing father Sashi to dive off the motorway and pull over beside a roundabout. Sashi's mother Dhan, who was in the car with them, quickly took the role of midwife, helping to deliver Nathan there and then. After the party had gone from three to four, the family completed the journey to hospital.