Video: Magician makes speeding ticket disappear

Magician gets off speeding ticket with magic
YouTube / Steven Brundage

Many drivers are caught speeding, but not many manage to wriggle off the hook. Throw in a couple of magic tricks, however, and you could just get away scot-free.

This is what happened to one driver caught speeding in upstate New York late one night earlier in December. Police pulled over Steven Brundage after he was caught travelling at around 40mph in a 30mph zone. While officers were talking to the performer, they noticed magic props on the back seat.

Discovering that Brundage was a magician, one officer asked him to perform a trick; if he was impressed, he would let Brundage off the speeding charge. And impress was exactly what Brundage did. The magician fished out a Rubik's Cube and told officers that he would complete the puzzle in whatever time they set for him.

Thanks to some deft finger-work, Brundage manages to complete the feat in 20 seconds – just outside the 15 seconds set by the officer. Despite missing the target, the performer then raises the stakes, saying that he can complete the cube in one second.

Find out how he fares in the video below: