Video: Snow shovelling driver dodges out of control lorry

Out of control lorry crashes into car on snowy road
YouTube / Артем Новоселов

There's nothing worse than spending ages digging your car out of a snowdrift and then a lorry smashing into it at full pelt...

However, this is exactly what faced one unlucky – and undoubtedly cold-fingered – driver, who'd spent ages dutifully attempting to dig his car out of the snow. Yet again a trusty dash cam caught the incident as it happened, with the lights of the lorry steadily getting bigger as the driver digs relentlessly, unaware of the impending crash.

Noticing the rapidly approaching lorry at the last second, the driver steps calmly out of the way as moments later his car is destroyed by the jack-knifed big rig.

We like to think that the driver is a glass half full person; at least the car isn't stuck any more. Take a look at the action for yourself in the video below...and be wary the next time you're digging a car out of several feet of snow in the middle of the night.

With thanks to Car Throttle.