Man narrowly avoids truck that loses control in Russia


With winter now firmly here, the thought of having to de-ice your car in the morning is one we all dread. But spare a thought for drivers in Russia who not only have to contend with giant snow drifts, icy roads and sub-zero temperatures, but out of control juggernauts as well.

In the below video, captured by a dash mounted camera, we see a driver trying to dig out his car after it became stuck in the heavy snow. All seems to be going well until the bright white light of an oncoming truck speeds towards the vehicle unawares of the driver standing in front of it.

Just at the last minute, the driver spots the truck as it begins to slide into the car and coolly stands aside just in the nick of time. So the next time you have to scrape the ice of your windscreen in your driveway, spare a thought for Russian motorists this winter.

Check out the terrifying footage by clicking below.

By Matt Hussey