BMW unveils the 2015 M6



BMW has unveiled the even sportier looking M6 that will arrive in showrooms early next year, and we have to say, it's one of the best looking cars the German automaker has made in quite some time.

Externally, the M6, which is a high performance version of BMW's 6-Series, has been given a more pronounced grille compared to last year's version, along with more aerodynamically-shaped side mirror caps.

There's also a set of 19-inch forged alloy wheels, which sit snugly alongside aggressive looking intakes, and carbon fibre tipped quad-exhausts. But where the M6 really shine is under the bonnet.

Here you'll find a 4.4-litre turbocharged V8 delivering a gob-smacking 560 horsepower. For those who don't think that's enough, there's the Competition Package which boosts power to 575bhp. All that oomph propels the M6 from 0-62mph in 4.2 seconds and tops out at a limited 155mph. When you consider the car weighs over two tons, it needs every one of those horses under the hood.

BMW 2015 M6

BMW 2015 M6

Inside, there's a range of goodies for speed freaks and gadget heads alike. There's an enhanced iDrive screen providing detailed readouts of the engine's performance, and BMW's ConnectedDrive software. This clever piece of kit has a range of apps that allow you to do everything from analyse your skills in a closed course environment, to mounting a GoPro camera anywhere on the car and control it from inside via your touchscreen.

No word on pricing as of yet, but expect one to be announced when the M6 makes its official debut on January 12 at the Detroit Auto Show.

By Matt Hussey