Idiot driver plays chicken with traffic

wrong-way driver
YouTube/ატვეჩაი ვარ პატრულთან

Worryingly, incidents of drivers being confronted with a car zooming along in the wrong direction on busy roads are becoming more prevalent. With any luck this isn't down to a complete breakdown of driving standards, and can be put down to the increased use of dash cams, which capture this dangerous driving behaviour where before it would have been missed.

Where most footage of wrong-way drivers is taken from the 'victim's' perspective – i.e. a flash of oncoming headlamps, some choice language and a high speed lane change to avoid a fatal collision – very few are taken from the dash cam of the driver who's blindly driving into the face of traffic, leaving their motives/thought processes a mystery.

Thankfully, we don't have to wonder any more, as one idiotic driver in Georgia decided to strap a camera to his car, before driving at high speeds towards oncoming traffic on a busy highway.

Exacerbating this already dangerous situation, it isn't as though the driver is confused or has made an honest mistake. Dared on by his friends, this fool has made the conscious decision to risk the lives of others, presumably for internet glory.

Hopefully the video below will deter others from doing the same. Click play below to see a world class moron in action.