Video: Snow chaos as pedestrians can't stop sliding cars

Snowy slope causes Russia car crashes
YouTube / Alexander Petroff

Despite our seemingly never-ending summer, we can no longer ignore the fact that it is now well and truly winter. What this means is more hours of darkness than sunlight and abject misery on the roads as the temperatures plummet and a number of councils inevitably forget to stock up on road salt.

Just in case you've forgotten the chaos that a few millimetres of snow can cause in the UK, take a look at this Russian video. Here cars slide serenely down the gentle slope, as a number of pedestrians fruitlessly attempt to slow their progress. Gravity 1: drivers: 0.

Despite their valiant attempts to stop the cars and lorry in their tracks, gravity is the only winner in this clip. Watch the video below and get yourself some snow boots, so that by the time our 2cm of snow lands, you'll be ready to slide around haplessly like these Russians.

Hat tip to Car Throttle.