Video: Car thief attempts to escape - by skateboard

Car theif attempts to escape on skateboard
YouTube / TeamWakeEmUP

Most car thieves are well equipped to evade the police, having predominantly nabbed speedy cars. However, one criminal, despite nicking a powerful enough BMW, resorts to skateboard travel after slamming the stolen motor into a kerb and then the car in front.

This hapless miscreant then sprints from the car, with skateboard in hand. Dodging the traffic on the other side of the road, said criminal leaps on the board and tries to roll his way out of trouble Bart Simpson-style.

After nearly running into the side of a pick up truck, the guy takes to the pavement again, as several police officers give chase. Sensing what was going on, however, the pick up driver quickly brings the chase to an end, slamming his car onto the pavement and blocking the runaway thief's path.

Take a look at the dimwitted criminal in action in the video below:

With thanks to Car Throttle.