Fast as FXX K: Ferrari unveils hardcore new LaFerrari model

Ferrari FXX K

This is the Ferrari FXX K, a new track-only version of the marque's flagship hypercar, the LaFerrari.

Following in the footsteps of the Enzo and 599-based FXX models, this latest iteration has been created as the ultimate track weapon, free from the restraints posed by competition in motorsport.

It will be seen attacking race tracks from next year, in the hands of a highly select group of owner-drivers, who will be entered into Ferrari's XX driver development scheme.

The FXX K uses the LaFerrari's 6.3-litre V12 petrol engine and hybrid electric motor setup, though power has been raised from 950bhp to a heady 1,021bhp.

Performance figures are yet to be published, though slight improvements on the standard LaFerrari's 0-62mph sprint time are expected, as well as to its 217mph top speed.

Externally, the FXX K wears all the addenda of a high-performance racing car, including a jutting front splitter and eye-catching twin-pronged rear spoiler. This is supplemented by a secondary rear spoiler that is deployed from the bodywork at speed. The changes are claimed to increase downforce over the regular model by a staggering 50 per cent. At 150mph, the FXX k weighs 540kg more than it does standing still.

LaFerrari FXX K

LaFerrari FXX K

Inside, the cabin is a stripped-out version of the LaFerrari cockpit, which is largely dominated by heavily sculpted racing seats.

Ferrari says the FXX K will never be used in competitive events, due to its lack of homologation. Instead, the Maranello brand created the car "to be completely uncompromising, incorporating technological innovations that will guarantee an unprecedented driving experience".

Prices for the FXX K have not been confirmed, nor has the number of drivers who are likely to be invited into the development programme. It is expected that the car will be offered solely to owners of the LaFerrari, as was the case with the previous Enzo-based version.

The FXX K isn't alone in the rarefied track toy market. McLaren also recently announced the P1 GTR – a similarly non-road legal, hardcore iteration of its sublime P1 hybrid hypercar. That car develops 986bhp from its 3.8-litre twin turbocharged V8 engine and electric motor, and is being offered to existing P1 drivers for £1.98million.