Driver's look of terror caught on dash cam

Crash face
YouTube/Dash Cam Owners Australia

The look of sheer terror on a motorist's face, as he lost control of his car on an Australian motorway, has been captured on the dash cam of a fellow road user.

The unidentified driver came so close to crashing into the other car, that his screaming face is clearly visible on the footage.

As he's more than likely contemplating the agony of death due to a high-speed collision, the poor fellow's distended gurn is perhaps understandable. The man had been shunted across three lanes of traffic after being struck by a lorry at around 70mph near Gosford, New South Wales.

Passing just inches away from the front of the oncoming car, the frightened driver was lucky to avoid the high-speed traffic, and collided only with the roadside barrier.

Local media reported that no one was injured in the accident.

Click play to watch the footage below, and remember: you never know when you're being filmed.