Lorry driver puts the 'wait' in Waitrose

Stuck lorry

A supermarket delivery driver has been left somewhat red-faced after getting his lorry stuck under a railway bridge.

The articulated Waitrose truck was spotted wedged under the bridge about 7.30am yesterday near Colchester North railway station, Essex.

The stricken vehicle immediately caused traffic disruption in the surrounding area, with both road and rail links affected.

Trains on the main line into London were delayed as engineers ensured there was no damage caused by the collision.

A motorist who witnessed the aftermath of the accident told the Express: "The driver was stood there just looking at the lorry and what he had done.

"Then he just got back into the cab.

"He'll be wondering what the rest of his week has in store for him after that.

"Luckily cars were still able to get past him in the other lane, but it was causing a lot of congestion as it's a very busy part of town at the best of times."

The lorry was eventually freed after the police lowered it by letting air out of its tyres.

Waitrose has since issued a statement apologising for its driver's mistake.

A spokesperson said: "We're very sorry for any delays and inconvenience caused to road and rail users and we will work with authorities to fully investigate this."