Video: Is this the luckiest biker ever?

Lucky biker
YouTube/Ernest W

This scooter rider may want to get himself a lottery ticket, after miraculously avoiding being crushed under the wheels of not one, but two lorries.

The astonishing near miss was caught on the helmet camera of a fellow rider, as both rode along a busy highway.

Initially riding in front, the camera-wearing rider is making decent progress trough the traffic; weaving around slower vehicles and making the most of his bike's narrow dimensions.

However, when a lorry indicates to pull out in front of him, the biker speeds up in an attempt to make it through the closing gap. At the last second he decides he's not going to make it and brakes hard, but doesn't realise someone behind has had the same idea.

The resultant collision sends the second rider flying off his bike and towards the wheels of a passing lorry. While for a second the biker looks to have met his maker in a truly horrific manner, he merely glances the wheel rather than going under it. A second truck threatens to squash his skull just a fraction of a second later, but he somehow manages to avoid being killed for a second time.

He seems to avoid serious injury too, managing to get up and dust himself off immediately afterwards, albeit clearly in some pain.

Click play to watch the footage below. Viewers of a sensitive disposition may find the clip distressing.