Property billionaire sues dealer over Lambo fire

Lamborghini Miura
Lamborghini Miura stock image - Credit: NetCarShow

A billionaire property tycoon has taken legal action against a central London car dealership, after his rare classic Lamborghini supercar burst into flames nearly immediately after being serviced.

Jon Hunt, founder of Foxtons estate agents, had taken the bright yellow 1971 model Miura – widely acknowledged to be the world's first supercar – to luxury car dealer H R Owen in 2013, for routine maintenance.

However, on the day of collection, the car, of which only 764 examples were ever made, burst into flames on the A40 in Acton, and was reduced to a charred shell. Mr Hunt's son was at the wheel of the car at the time and was not injured.

Upon its launch in 1966, the Miura, which is now worth around £900,000, claimed the title of the world's fastest production car.

Mr Hunt is now suing H R Owen for £700,000 in compensation for the destroyed vehicle, damages for storage and 'loss of enjoyment' of the vehicle, the Daily Mail reports.

In a claim lodged at the High Court, Daniel Scarrott, representative for Mr Hunt, said that H R Owen: "held itself out as having particular expertise in the repair and servicing of Lamborghini motor vehicles.

"The defendant agreed to inspect, assess and service the vehicle' the claim states, adding that H.R Owen owed Mr Hunt 'a duty of care to exercise the reasonable care and skill of an expert Lamborghini repairer and service."

It is asserted that the wrong type of spark plugs were fitted to the car's V12 engine, resulting in the fire. Despite just being a burnt-out wreck, the Miura is still worth around £200,000.

H R Owen has not yet submitted any evidence in defence.

Mr Hunt, who was valued at over £1 billion by this year's Sunday Times Rich List, is well known for his love of cars, and keeps a collection of vintage Ferraris at his Kensington home.

Click play below to see footage of the Miura fire in 2013.