Wakeboarder gets a tow from a Ferrari F50

Ferrari F50

Do you remember Tax the Rich? The shadowy supercar enthusiasts acquired internet fame by filming their exploits of driving rarefied exotica to the limit.

From the Ferrari Enzo WRC to an impromptu drifting session in a Rolls-Royce Phantom, Tax the Rich has made the car the star in the most unlikely of scenarios. Now it seems they are branching out into water sports, using a Ferrari F50 as a high-speed tow for a wakeboarder.

The nutter in question is professional boarder Jorge Gill (so don't go trying this at home yourself), who volunteered to be tethered to the F1-engined hypercar, and dragged along a muddy waterway at an undisclosed UK location.

Thankfully, someone seems to have removed all of the shopping trollies and dead dogs from the worryingly stagnant looking water, and Gill reaches speeds of over 80mph behind the screaming Ferrari.

Click play to watch the footage of the group's supercar japes below.