Window cleaner survives fall by landing on moving car

Car crushed by fall

A US window cleaner has miraculously survived an 11-storey fall, after he landed on the roof of a moving car.

The unidentified man had been on the outside of the high-rise Sterling Band & Trust building in San Francisco when he fell from a ledge.

Luckily, rather than hit the Tarmac of the road below, which would undoubtedly have caused his death, the man's fall was broken by a passing Toyota Camry saloon.

Despite hitting the car with enough force to shatter the windscreen and crush the roof, Paramedics found the window cleaner bleeding heavily, but alive and conscious. He was transported to a local hospital where he remains in a critical condition.

It is not know what caused the man, who was thought to be wearing a safety harness, to fall from the building.

The driver of the car, Mohammed Alcozai, was not injured in the incident.

Speaking to San Francisco news channel KGO-TV, he said: "I'm very happy that I didn't get hurt. Hopefully he can make it. I pray for him that he can make it."

Witnesses reported hearing a scream and seeing the man's shadow as he fell, before hearing the collision with the Toyota.

"As he was coming down, he was definitely screaming," said eyewitness Bianca Bahman, 31, The Independent reports.

Police later confirmed that the man had not been stood on a window-washing platform at the time of the fall, but had been moving equipment on the roof of the bank building.