Reckless biker gets put in his place by mounted cop

Reckless biker gets told
YouTube/Aimanas Aima

If you're going to do silly things on the road, it is perhaps advisable (though not by us) to misbehave somewhere quiet, where you're unlikely to upset other motorists or attract the attention of the law.

The biker in the video below clearly didn't have the same thought process, as he films himself speeding and pulling wheelies on his motorcycle on the rather-less-than-quiet streets of central London's Square Mile.

Now aside from being one of the most congested areas of any city in the world, the Square Mile is also one of the most heavily policed parts of the country, which our short-sighted motorcyclist very soon becomes aware of.

Brazenly speeding down a street with one wheel in the air, the biker is suddenly confronted by police on horseback, who use their gigantic steeds to block his path. Cue some weak excuses from the biker, who is quickly made to feel about two inches tall by the unimpressed cop.

Check out the footage below, and remember it next time you think no-one is watching.